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Halo Couture Extensions

Halo Couture Extensions

Halo Couture Extensions are a fast and easy way to add some length and volume to your looks. Kaylee, one of our artists, loves hers and encourages others to try it out.

What’s your favorite thing about halos?

I love that I can live with and without them! If I want some extra “oomf” when I’m going out with the girls, date nights, etc I can just throw it in while keeping my regular mane on the normal days. It’s the best of both worlds!

Who do you recommend Halo Extensions for?

I recommended a Halo for the girls who love to fix and style their hair. It’s something you will be putting in yourself. Not that it’s hard, but it does add time to to your routine to put her in!

How do I make my halo blend in with my natural hair without looking fake?

I found that in order to have the best results, you should color your hair the way you want it first, THEN get color matched.

At Revel, we’ll do the consultation to pick out the length and color best for you. Then you’ll come back about a week later so we can fit it to your head and make sure the color matches. Once it’s set, we style it and you’re good to go! If it needs to be toned or cut, we’ll do that too. Personally, I had to add some face framing to mine and tone it more chocolate to match my mane perfectly.

A few tips from Kaylee:

I suggest ordering an extension hanger from Amazon so you can hang her up when you aren’t using it!

I wash mine probably twice a month. I don’t wear it everyday or it would be more frequent! When I do wash, I’ll treat her like my own mane: shampoo, conditioner, and heat protectant.

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